Happy Cat Holidays

We have a guest staying with us … a cat named Orbit :)

He actually belongs to a friend of ours who has gone on holiday, so the cat gets a holiday as well, staying with us. Its quite a responsibility but so far he’s doing fine. He’s pining for his owner and keeps going back to the door she left by and the room she had when she stayed, but he’s popping down for food quite regularly so I think he’s OK.

3 thoughts on “Happy Cat Holidays

  1. He’s feeding, allowing himself to be photographed and rolling around on his back for you to try and tickle his tummy, without getting scratched! He’ll be fine.

  2. Michael: he is cute – and he knows it :)

    Simon: You’re quite right of course. He’s less sociable than he is on his own turf but getting braver every day.

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