Improvised Chicken

That title makes it sound like a recipe, but actually its a bird! I saw a pattern linked off CRAFT which was gorgeous so I rushed out and bought some snowflake yarn in yellow. When I came to read the pattern it was quite complicated and I was a bit fed up … so I sort of started fiddling with the wool, and a crochet hook, and I got:

He is about two inches tall and as cute as a button. I cast on 4 stitches (in the round), increased in each stitch on the next row and then switched to increasing every other stitch until he was wide enough. Went straight for a bit then decreased quickly (so he’s made from the top down). The wings are crochet but the beak is knitted because I couldn’t work out how to get such sharp edges in crochet.

I should also point out that its really quite hard to crochet with fluffy or eyelash yarns because you can’t see where the stitches are to stitch into! I managed but don’t look too closely at him – my rounds turned into a spiral quite quickly because it was so hard to see what was going on.

I hope you like him, and if you’d like to suggest a recipe for “improvised chicken” in case anyone gets here hoping for one then I’d be grateful :)

5 thoughts on “Improvised Chicken

  1. Not a recipe for this chick, but for the food chicken!! The thought of cooking this little guy didn’t even occur to me til you mentioned it and now I have a horrible mental image of deep-fried toy stuffing.

  2. Don’t do it… you can’t deep fry him, and don’t let kevin near it :)

    Hmmmm I quite like Chicken, filled with Garlic and herb Philly, wrapped in bacon. In the oven for 30 mins and serve with smileys :) (I ran outta chips!)

  3. See, I knew there was a good chicken recipe out there somewhere :) I christen your recipe “Improvised Chicken” and will give it a go at the weekend.

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