Can blogging get you killed?

I’ve just spent the last two hours reading through (this is a disturbing link, you have been warned) Kathy Sierra’s post about the death threats she has been receiving.

Death threats.

One of the most talented and inspirational writers of our time is currently locked inside their house in fear. How can that be right?

Its created waves in the blogosphere, I picked up the news from a blogher mailing list, and they have an excellent article on the subject on their site. The blogher mailing list people have also added their words of support to Kathy onto their own blogs, here and here. And it must be true because its even on the BBC News Website.

I hope this blows over for Kathy, as much as it can, and that justice runs its course. There’s overwhelming support for her but we can’t protect her in the real world and it only takes one nutcase to carry out these threats. She may stop blogging and I can understand that although I’d be gutted. I’ve posted to her site to say this, and also want to state here my support for Kathy whose articles inspire and educate me.

So here I am, a woman blogging on mainly tech subjects, with nothing to protect me but the fact that I have a very tiny readership. It makes you think …

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