New Addition To The Family

I’m proud to announce that we are now the owners of a MacBook! Or rather, Kevin is the proud owner of one and I am being friends with it too. It arrived yesterday and is called Edoras. All our computers need names because we have too many to be able to refer to them otherwise!

I’m not too familiar with Macs but I’m looking forward to getting to know this one, not least because its little and sexy. Software recommendations are most welcome, if anyone has any favourites.

5 thoughts on “New Addition To The Family

  1. I grew up with Macs and love them – also, my parents are both computer programmers and they swear by Macs.

    Welcome Edoras! (My iBook is named Campion, joining a circle of friends’ iBooks called Legolas, Heart of Gold, etc. When we all get together for group writing sessions, it’s like people with their pets.)

    And thanks again for the tip on finding a knitting supply shop.

  2. Edoras is mine, and it’s lovely :) I’ve never been a “Mac person”, and I still don’t consider myself to be one; my primary use for a laptop/desktop is simply as a gateway to the Internet (most things I do are on remote servers) so I just wanted a machine which wouldn’t get in the way. It really is true what they say about Macs – they Just Work. Anything which they can auto-detect, they do (although they still let you tweak the settings later). I don’t really know how Macs work, and I don’t really want to – I resent having to know how Windows works in order to use it. Linux would be fine; my other computers all run Linux, but this time I fancied something different, and (dare I mention it) easier. It’s lovely :)

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