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I may have mentioned that I made it to the PHP Conference last week. O’Reilly had their own stand and were doing a healthy 30% discount on a selection of technical books. I was enchanted to see in the corner of the stand, copies of CRAFT – so I bought one!

Its a truly eclectic publication, I describe it as crafty tech rather than techie craft but the distinction does get blurry in places. Features include crochet robots, a wool-winder made from Technic Lego, homemade chain mail and a cat scratching creation made of cardboard layers. My personal favourite has to be the pattern for a top with programmable LEDs fitted … my university degree was in Electronic Engineering and I always loved LEDs so this is my idea of heaven. Not sure I quite fancy a top which lights up but there is definitely scope for something to come of this.

Craft/Tech fusion suggestions welcome!

3 thoughts on “CRAFT Magazine

  1. That top sounds so cool!!! I could have so much fun with one of those… depending on how good my electronics knowledge is these days…:S

    Ok, maybe I’d need to refresh my memory for a few months before I’d be able to have as much fun as I’m envisaging. Ah well. Maybe one day…

    Anyway, you have to make one! I’ll be so impressed! :D Go on…

  2. Well, I need to get moved and reclaim my craft stuff and electronic stuff … and get a sewing machine from somewhere too. I will see what I can do though :)

    The tech stuff was really easy actually, I thought I’d have forgotten it all too but it was just a programmable pic with an LED hanging off each leg and as soon as I saw the schematic it made sense. Reckon you could get into it easily so if I do get around to this project, perhaps we can have a craftalong! Who else wants to join?

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