New Niece

My niece or nephew is here – and she’s a niece called Natalie. She was born late last night and we got to meet her today! Here she is:

Yawning :)

With her Dad:

Some very proud first-time grandparents!

And Kevin and I being very brave and holding the baby ourselves. We’re not used to kids but this one is adorable.


6 thoughts on “New Niece

  1. Awww…. Now, why does Kevin look like it’s something he’s been doing for years, yet you look like your wondering how it got there?

    And remember, it’s only adorable because you can give it back… ;)

  2. I know, I was loving holding her but I haven’t really met a baby before so I was a bit unsure. I’ll work out what I’m supposed to be doing soon enough though … I hope!

  3. I agree with Michael, you do look a little perplexed, although I think Kevins expression is more to do with the fact you ahve pointed a camera at him.

  4. you look like your doing just fine to me :)All very exciting!
    i’ve been baby visiting too
    Toria and barry’s baby charlotte is adorable and even more adorable is barry with her he’s ace!

  5. Well Natalie is whole week old now andi she and I are getting used to one another already. We visited this weekend and I just had to post this photo of me looking almost at home:


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