Offer Accepted (sound familiar??)

We’ve bought a house! If you think you may have read this before, perhaps you’d like to read one of the three previous offers posts.

In an interesting twist, we’ve had an offer accepted on the same house we had an offer accepted on last time, for an amount that takes into account the work that needs doing on it and that we can get a mortgage for. So at least its different!!

Watch this space for more disasters excitement :)

8 thoughts on “Offer Accepted (sound familiar??)

  1. Thanks everyone for your best wishes :) At the moment it doesn’t seem real, I’ve been so excited before about houses that I’ll believe it when I have the keys in my hand. Also my summer is so busy with weddings and stuff that there’s no way we can actually move house before about July …

  2. The highs and lows of the property market, god I hate them.

    Why can’t people just get around a big table and do a poker type game to come to a number then commit to it.

    I hate when people get greedy and hold out for the buyer to pay top dollar or give themselves a better deal. Very awkward.

    Best of luck to you both with this shot at the house. I look forward to hearing about the problems and the solutions which are clearly coming your way. (yep, I know I should be more positive, but it’s all coming, isn’t it!).

    Is there an online schedule we can all look at? :-)

  3. About bloody time!!


    Well done, hope all the paperwork and the move in all goes OK. Hopefully now you can unpack all the boxes that you packed in Witney!!

    All the best

  4. Ooh! Two first-time posters, that’s made my day!

    Mark – I’m with you on the property market, greed has been a big hampering factor in most of our negotiations to date. Thanks for the link by the way. As for the online schedule … I’m doing nothing in the way of preparation or planning until I am holding those keys in my hand, so I’m afraid not for the time being.

    Vince – hey, thanks for dropping in :) I think half those boxes are the ones I had from you from moving the time before. I can’t believe everything has been in boxes so long, it’ll be almost 18 months by the time this house sale completes, its madness!

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