Three Things I Saw At Chester Zoo

We went to Chester Zoo on Easter weekend, which was great apart from the humongous traffic queues to get in. Still they seemed pretty well organised and since we chose to arrive mid-morning on a beautiful bank holiday weekend then it was always going to be busy!

The zoo itself has a great repuation for treatment of animals and its successful breeding programmes, and was a nice place to visit. There were lots of people with their kids as well and it seems a very child-friendly place (I don’t have kids, I have no idea).

Anyway, here are the three things I saw (one of them twice because I love them!)

Black and white ruffed lemurs!

One Jaguar (I shrank the photo before I realised he would get so small … look closely in the middle!)

And a sealion.

We had ice cream and it was a lovely day :)

One thought on “Three Things I Saw At Chester Zoo

  1. Wow, that’s so cool! The lemurs look especially cute! :D

    Did you see any gibbons, too? If you have a photo, send it to Jon. He likes to know what his relatives are up to. ;)

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