Photos from the house: day one

Following the news about our recent house purchase, I promised everyone some photos, so here they are. I’ve only got internet connection at work so I’m afraid I’ve just picked a few of the ones we took on Friday, with the house exactly as we found it.

our bedroom

the basement kitchen

the living room (yes, I straightened my hair, I know it looks different)

one of the top floor rooms … before we touched anything.

So we’ve had thirty bags of rubbish out of the house so far, and the front room looks like a bomb has hit it as we’ve got all our wordly posessions in there while we sort the house out.

The gas is on a card, which is fine but you have to get a new card when you move in and its been a bank holiday so it only arrived today … have you tried cleaning a four storey house with no hot water unless you put a pan on the stove? It felt very victorian! Fingers crossed we might have hot water later on today if Kevin can get the boiler lit.

5 thoughts on “Photos from the house: day one

  1. Simon: About three people have offered to take the table off our hands so far ... its beautiful but its really too big for the room. We're going to try it in the other room before we make any decisions :)

  2. Hi Lorna,

    First time on your blog, where I thought I might find a sneak look at that new house. Looks brilliant! I love the stripped wood doors and windows, and the kitchen looks fab. We shall come a coo over it soon!

    I can't believe the last owner just leaving all that stuff in it. What a ********. Still Simon's right the dining table and chairs look great - and that bench under the window in the same shot looks lovely too, though I imagine it's back breaking to actually sit on ;-)

    See ya!

  3. Saj: Good plan - I may well do that! I'm a bit nervous about selling the things that won't post though, as I don't want strange people coming round to the house to collect.

    Sophie: thanks for dropping by :) I'll have to take more photos soon as some of the furniture has moved since that first day. I hope you will pop in, see you soon!

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