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I’m a regular listener to the PHP Abstract podcast from DevZone – and this week, I’m the star! Its a short podcast about PHP and Oracle, and you can find it here. Most of the comments so far seem to mostly revolve around my accent …

8 thoughts on “PHP Abstract Podcast

  1. Thanks for the interesting podcast. I hope that future podcasts will expand into areas non-Oracle, like frameworks, etc.

  2. Graham: not sure about moving up, but feeling quite visible at the moment :)

    David Aman: Thanks for your kind words about my ‘cast – have you checked out the previous PHP Abstract podcasts? There are a few framework episodes which may be of interest to you.

    • I’ve still to hear the podcast, but that link on the Oracle homepage is very disconcerting…

      How very scary to appear on the radar of one of the world’s leading data companies. :-) But scary in a good way.

      Now the issue is how far up is the next bar you have to reach? What will your next goal be?

      Congratulations on making the step into publishing in a big way and also congrats on actually doing what you set out to do!

      Looking forward to listening to the podcast. Will feedback…

      • Mark: thanks so much for the moral support – and for giving me a nudge to do this in the first place. I don’t know what’s next but I’m under strict instruction to submit talk proposals for next years’ PHP conferences so who knows! I look forward to your feedback when you can snatch some time to listen. I know you will have more constructive comments and less to say about my accent than most of what I’ve heard so far ;)

  3. LornaJane,

    Thanks so much for recording the podcast for us. Given the number of downloads and comments, it’s a topic that a lot of people are interested in. (and yes, I love your accent.) :)

    You are always welcome to submit another one when you’ve got the time and a topic.


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