New LornaJane

Welcome to the newly made-over!

I wasn’t desperate for a change of look but I have been tiring of textpattern for a while. The new version is running on serendipity which will hopefully be easier to work with and suit me better. Handily serendipity was able to import most of my textpattern content (more about the actual process in a later post) so it’s been more about ironing out kinks (like getting the images across) and fiddling with templates than anything else.

The angel up the top there is a new acquisition – the result of my commissioning my good friend Gretchen at (they also do design work, see to make me something to use as an avatar and general virtual familiar. I hope you like her, I do!

I’ve taken care to get links from the old site working and hopefully the feeds should be working as well – if you’re reading this on your feed reader, then pop in and see the new setup. If you see anything, not working or looking otherwise wrong, please let me know and I’ll take a look. Otherwise, enjoy :)

2 thoughts on “New LornaJane

  1. Yay! Lookin’ good.

    Feed seems fine, except that the post dates appear to have all been reset, so you have lots of ‘new’ posts on your feed. Strangely, pubDate looks fine on the feed items.

    Nice one to Gretchen for creating a virtuaLornaJane.

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