Facebook Followup

So I was having trouble with facebook a while back, but things have improved.

  • I now check facebook every day
  • I have 38 friends
  • I have seen the pictures of my cousin’s first few weeks at university.
  • I’ve finally uploaded a profile picture because everyone seems to have one! Only two of my friends don’t … and I can understand why.

Facebook is good for staying in touch with people, I’ve exchanged messages with lots of people who are on my peripheral network but with whom I could easily have lost touch, especially because I’ve moved house a lot. People have a “status” and can update it at will, so you can see who is looking forward to their weekend or who is having a bad day.

I utterly adore the daft applications that come with facebook. My two current favourites (although they don’t see a lot of action it must be said) are the aquarium and the garden. Basically people can send each other flowers and fish (for each application respectively) along with a little message, literally just a one-liner to touch base. Its like a wave but the thing they send hangs around in your profile for a bit so you can enjoy it.

I think I’m starting to see the point, but I suspect its only the tip of the iceberg – am I missing anything important do you think?

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