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I’m wildly excited about a virtual event scheduled for next week, its the PHPWomen PHP|Abstract. Some of the main members, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Ligaya and Sara are all going to chat with Cal Evans about the group, with live participation on IRC.

Actually I wonder if Cal knows what he is taking on here, he’s going to have his hands full trying to keep these four ladies under control :) He’s also running a competition – an elephpant for the best question asked in the IRC channel while the ‘cast is happening … I really want one of these critters so if you have any question suggestions then please pop them in the comments for me.

Its at 6PM CT which I think its midnight here in GMT (or UTC). You can listen live by dialling a toll-free number, only available from within the US however Skype’s documentation seems to think I can call a US toll-free number over skype from here in the UK so this will hopefully prove to allow access for anyone outside the US who would like to listen. Very importantly there will also be a real-time interaction with the channel on so drop in if you’d like to. If you’re new to IRC then find instructions on the IRC primer I wrote for PHPWomen. Hope to see some new faces joining us on this one!

2 thoughts on “PHPWomen Podcast

  1. lj,

    1) It’s an elephant for EVERY question that one of the ladies fields from the chat room.

    2) You can play because your elephant is already packed with the books I’m sending you. ;) They should leave Nashville tomorrow if all goes well.

    Thanks for the link love!

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