Pink Snowflake Hoodie

This project has been a very long time in the making. In fact it had stalled completely at one front, one back and half a sleeve when the baby in question arrived! Its for the new daughter of a friend of mine and the first thing I’ve attempted to knit on this scale.

Its knitted in snowflake – the result was absolutely beautiful but I wouldn’t recommend snowflake to a beginner knitter and I won’t be knitting with it again in a hurry. The project was much bigger than I anticipated, the sleeves were almost the size of the front and the hood was something else again – picking up stitches is something I struggle with at the best of times, never mind in novelty yarn!

Thanks to support from my mum (both moral and technical) I did finish the project and manage to give the hoodie to its new owner – welcome Molly :)

4 thoughts on “Pink Snowflake Hoodie

  1. That looks beautiful! :D

    Novelty yarn can be a pain – I let Jon choose the yarns for his niece’s Christmas present (which I’m currently working on), and that’s turning out to be not the easiest to crochet with. Thank goodness it’s not as complicated a project as yours!

    I will have to keep this page open as I struggle with it to remind me that it will be worth the while in the end! :)

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