Extending Joomla! Eventlist

Recently I extended the Eventlist extension for Joomla! to allow my netball club to add the results of fixtures to their site as well as the fixtures which are managed using eventlist.

It was actually much more straightforward than I expected so here’s a quick rundown of the changes:

  1. add two columns to the jos_eventlist_dates table to hold the scores
  2. add them to the class by editing components/com_eventlist/eventlist.class.php
  3. edit the sql statements in components/com_eventlist/eventlist.php and add in our new columns
  4. adding input boxes to the admin interface to administrator/components/com_eventlist/admin.eventlist.html.php, just a couple of input type=”text” boxes
  5. adding a new column to fixture lists in file components/com_eventlist/eventlist.html.php (not taking account of the lovely flexible width administration tool in the admin interface) and putting the results into each row

The scores default to 0-0 and show as 0-0 when there are no results – netball doesn’t really finish with no goals scored so its safe to assume that this means no result in this case! Last weekend our match finished 40-28 which is about average.

Hopefully this is interesting or useful to someone – if nothing else it will remind me what I changed next time I come to do something similar or further modify this!

6 thoughts on “Extending Joomla! Eventlist

  1. Looks good. I am also trying to do soemthing very similar. I have running races in my fixture list but for the results I would like a separate column that would allow me to link to the results page.
    Do you think that would be easily done using the above method?

  2. Richard, sorry it took me a while to reply. I think you could certainly use the technique I did to add a column to your table to hold the link for the results page. If you give it a go then let me know how you get on? Good luck!

    • I am trying to add a room in the layout so that a user can create an event and put the room number in…kind of like registering for a room or letting everyone know where the event is happening. I added the column in mysql but the other stuff I am having a hard time understanding if I even need to add the info in eventlist.php, etc. Do I really need to edit those files or can I simply create a little code in the html file?

  3. Dan: I hadn’t even realised they had released a new version – so no :) I will give it a look though and post if there is an update, thanks for mentioning it!

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