Posting with images in Joomla!

The other day I was helping someone post to a website that I set up using Joomla! , and thought that others might find this tutorial helpful.

Start with the “Media Manager” button on the front page. This is so you can add all the images. Directories can be added here to manage images – I found that adding images to subdirectories inside the “stories” folder made them available to add to articles.

To add the images, use the “choose” button next to the “file upload” box. Choose your image and then click on the “upload” picture above (not an obvious place for a button, I know!). Your picture will appear in the grid below. Upload all the images you like.

Now you can publish them to the site. Click on “home” in the top left and then “Add New Content”.

Start by unticking the “published” box on the right hand side of the screen, this means you can work on it as much as you like before it appears on the site, and it is safe to use the “Save” button at the top without it being visible online yet.

Not far to go now – just dropping those images into a story. Click on the images tab on the right hand half of the screen, and use the subfolders drop down box to find your folder. These will be listed in the “gallery” box. Add these images to the “Content Images” box by selecting them in the gallery box and clicking the arrows. The order in which the images are listed in the content images box is the order in which the images will appear on the page … either add them in order or just add them all and use the up/down buttons to get them straight.

Now give the article a name and put it into a section. Write what you want to in the “intro box”, and when you are ready to add the next picture, click on the “insert picture” tab. This is less confusing than it sounds, use the “preview” button at the top to keep track of what is actually happening.

When you are finished, choose the “Publishing tab” in the right half of the screen and tick the “published” and “front page” boxes. If you want to save it at any point, or it checking before it goes live, don’t tick these boxes. Either way, make sure you use the “Save” button at the top.

Hope that helps someone.

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