Sssh … Thoughts of Moving

I’m whispering. It loses something when you whisper in a blog post but just imagine that I’m whispering.

I’m whispering because I’m going to write about the house and I’m sure that speaking too loudly will jinx the whole process! Nothing is certain in my mind until I’m holding the keys to our new home, and we’re not there yet. (Here’s the usual insertion about reading previous house posts if you haven’t been keeping up, I gave up linking to direct posts a while ago so that’s a link to the category listing of the whole saga).

The idea of moving to a new place is a little daunting. The flat we live in now is pretty compact and most of our belongings have been in boxes at my parents’ home for almost 18 months now. It will be great to have more room, our own furniture, all our books, and space to make noise and mess and entertain friends. Certainly there are a lot of advantages and reasons to look forward.

The house is much bigger than the flat and that in itself is quite strange, we’ve been under one another’s feet for so long now that it will be almost isolating to have the nearest person half a house away. And the house is going to take a lot of attending to – it needs work doing but just keeping it clean will be a challenge (and looking at the state of the flat, unlikely1). We’ve been blissfully happy in the flat, joining clubs, making new friends in Leeds and generally running about getting into everything. I am looking forward to the house but a change is always a risk.

However, I’m a forward-facing person and buying our first home is quite a landmark in our lives. Also I’m still homesick for my mother’s home and I’ve lived away from that home and in rented accommodation for almost 8 years now, a home of our own will be great. On the whole I’m happy that its happening!

And, very definitely in a whisper, we may be doing some shifting of things next weekend. So if anyone would like to lend a hand in Birmingham on Saturday or Leeds on Sunday, we’d be grateful. Let me know quite quietly though, won’t you??

1 Is it good practice to add a note inside brackets? Its like brackets inside brackets or something! What I was going to say was that I can’t be all that bad because I was recently thanked for my housekeeping tips which would seem noteworthy.

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