Yorkshire Wool Shops

There was a recent post to the Leeds Knitterati mailing list (the local knitting group) asking about local wool and equipment suppliers. I replied mentioning The Wool Shop and another member sent this which I had to share as its so good!

There’s also quite a good shop at the top of Eastgate (by all the bus stops), and one at the top edge of the Market hall (opposite corner to the Corn Exchange.) Samuel Taylor’s have minimal stuff (also now own the other haberdashery stall at the top of the market) but their warehouse has damn all – just more and more paper crafts stuff. There’s a nice little shop called Cath’s Sewing Box in Austhorpe Rd, Crossgates but her range can be a bit limited.

Anyone else still mourning the demise of Worth Knitting?

There’s Texere at Barkerend Rd in Bradford, who will ship, but it’s easier to pick up. Not sure if Ramsdens (Wendy etc) and Rowan allow colecion/ have a mill shop. Might be worth investigating.


So thanks to Anthea, for te suggestions and for allowing me to repost what she wrote. There were a few replies to this which mentioned Coldspring Mill too.

3 thoughts on “Yorkshire Wool Shops

  1. I guess I need to find a local knitting group to tell me all about suppliers down here in my part of Devon. I only know of one shop, and whilst they’re fab, I’d like to know what other suppliers are in the area.

    Also, I’ve recently made an attempt to start my latest project, but I can’t get the tension right at all (this is the first project of mine where tension is really important). I’ve tried using different-sized hooks, but that didn’t make much difference. :( Any advice?

  2. Jo, I can probably help but you’ll need to give me a better bug report. What are you making? What yarn have you got? And what kind of wrong is it so far?

    I’m doing a baby blanket but I’m inventing the pattern and its … interesting!

    Definitely look for a local knitting group, I expected there to be lots of grannies but although I think a few of the members may technically be grandmothers there’s nothing grany-ish about them. Lots of people of different ages and backgrounds and we have a good natter :) In fact its knitting tomorrow night, yay!

  3. Good luck with the baby blanket! :)

    I’ll email you later today about my tension issues, as I don’t really understand tension, so will probably ramble on for quite a while…;)

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