PHPNW: One Month Countdown

In a month’s time I’ll be in Manchester, ready for the PHP North West conference. The conference is a one-day event (Saturday, 22nd November), although the social side of things will kick off the night before. Tickets are 50 GBP for the early bird, 35 GBP for students and concessions – so register now.

There are some amazing speakers, I hate picking out names, so go and look at the schedule and pick your own favourites to shortlist! As well as traditional hour-long conference slots, we’ve got a selection of shorter talks, plus a panel discussion at the end of the day … right before we party some more :)

Attendees get a year’s subscription to php|architect magazine with their tickets, and there will be sponsors and other exhibitors there – including some interesting user and voluntary groups so plenty to see and plenty of people to talk to. There are also some very nice giveaways so look out for those if you are there.

All in all, its a pretty exciting event, there hasn’t been anything like it outside of London that I know of for a while – and with the London conference still months away, this is a great chance to get to meet a few people and also pick up some new technical ideas in the meantime. If you’re coming, let me know so I can say “hi” at the event itself – looking forward to meeting you :)

4 thoughts on “PHPNW: One Month Countdown

  1. Looking at the schedule it’s hard to know which sessions I want to attend most. I suspect I still won’t know 5 minutes beforehand.

    I wasn’t aware that php|arch subscriptions were included. I’m pleasantly surprised.

  2. Shaun: I look forward to meeting you, hope you have a good time.

    Jonathan: How did you miss the php|architect subscription news? I thought I squeaked so loudly, pretty much everyone would know :) Glad to hear we’re making it hard to pick sessions, that’s a big compliment to the people who are on that schedule.

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