Adding Markup to Comments in Serendipity

I switched over to serendipity as my blog platform about 6 months ago and although I haven’t been blown away by it, its a better tool for this job than textpattern was. I liked textpattern a lot but serendipity is better for what I need. There were a few things that I really missed when I moved across to serendipity – and the biggest one was textile as a markup. Its available in serendipity as a plugin, and I’d recommend it to everyone, but after I had imported my existing content from textpattern to serendipity I found that turning on the markup plugin did strange things to existing content so I turned it off.

Another thing I’ve been missing is the ability to add markup in comments, such as images. Well, its back! I’ve turned on textile for comments on this site, there is a link under the comments box to a page that shows you the syntax, so feel free to add richer content to this site from now on :)

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