Bank Holiday Weekend To Do List

Its Easter, which means its the only time of the year we reliably get 4 days off in a row from work without taking leave. And one thing I don’t have is a lot of holiday allocation. So, we’ve got good intentions of getting as much as possible done in the house (or at least, I’ve got good intentions and will rope in anyone who crosses the threshold). Apart from a whole lot of cleaning and catch-up in the house which is normal, I’m hoping to get some or all of the following done:

  • coal hole sorted out – we have the original coal cellar in our hose which was full of DIY stuff and other junk when we bought it – not much has come out and we’ve put a lot more stuff in, to the point where you now can’t get in the door and can’t find anything!
  • workshop space sorted – this follows on from the previous point – all the tools and stuff are in B&Q bags all over the floor in the other basement room because we haven’t got any usable storage
  • garden digging – got about the last 20 ft square of digging to do in the garden before we can lay turf … weather forecast is lousy though so I doubt that will happen
  • runs to the tip – many many of these I should think, hopefully taking some of the junk out of the garage
  • living room woodwork – skirting boards and dado rails need cutting to fit, sanding, staining and actually fitting. Fireplace needs sanding and staining and reassembling. Window sill needs staining. Window frame needs repairing. Door needs a new handle. After that we might start on the shelving we’re going to build

We do have help (anyone else at a loose end please feel free to come over as well!) but if we get half of this done it’ll be a miracle, wish us luck and have a good weekend yourself :)

6 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Weekend To Do List

  1. Stefan: Ah ha! Your comment turned up in my moderation folder :)

    We get Good Friday as a bank holiday here in the UK, and I’m in my scruffy clothes about to blitz the basement! I should probably add a Dutch Holidays calendar to my google calendar …

  2. Well, we started out well with a fast and successful re-org of the coal cellar, here are the obligatory before and after photos
    We did have help:

    Since then we’ve sanded bits of fireplace, touched up the paintwork where we can see bits we’ve missed, and cut and stained a bunch more skirting boards, although now I’m not sure about the colour of the stain so we’re kind of stalled …

    Simon: Great to see you and thanks for your help!

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