Bubble Wrap Camera Case

I’ve made a new case for the camera, using bubble wrap as padding. The inside is microfibre cloth (note to self: don’t ever use this again, its too fluffy for words and frays much too easily!) and the outside is crochet with a button fastener.

I started by making the inner microfibre liner with bubble wrap around it:

inner pocket

I then made the crochet outer, using some gorgeous dark turquoise wool I bought in Germany last year and which has been waiting for a project just like this one! Its quite fluffy but that doesn’t matter as the bag is lined. I added a button to close it, a carabiner to hang it from, and a place to hook the tripod onto if we are taking that too. Here’s the finished product – it looks a bit strange because its empty, since I was using the camera to take the photo!

crochet and bubble wrap camera case

(there are a few more photos on flickr )

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