PHPNW 2008 – 22nd November

I’m wildly excited to be able to tell you that the PHP North West Conference now has a date and venue confirmed! The event will be at Manchester Central (apparently this used to be the GMex), on Saturday 22nd November with an early bird ticket price of £50. At the moment we have no website, no confirmed speakers, and no other information to release … but rest assured there are lots of plans being worked on behind the scenes!! The site for the PHPNW user group and conference will be at and there is a mailing list you can sign up to already.

The event is aimed at people working with, or wanting to work with, PHP in the north of England. We’ll have a selection of sessions, with the technical content intended to be accessible to a whole range of audiences – it will also be multi-track so there’s sure to be plenty of material to interest you, whatever your background. We will be having a call for papers for the sessions, and we’re hoping that we’ll get some good submissions – particularly from senior developers around the area and the wider UK. Whether you’re hoping to speak, hoping to learn, looking for a good crowd to mingle with on a Saturday, or you just really like PHP geeks – put 22nd November in your diary and I hope I’ll see you there!!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this event, just let me know (I’m not organising the whole thing but I’m helping!), either by leaving a comment or by contacting me directly.

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  1. Stuart: That would be great – the call for papers will hopefully open in the next week or two, once we get the main site up. I’ll also announce it here so look out for it :)

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