Crochet Tutorial: Granny Square Round 1

New crochet lesson, and today it really gets interesting! I decided to film the whole row to show you but flickr only allows 90 seconds playback so its in 2 halves :)

Any questions, please feel free to comment here or contact me for help! It does go by quite quickly so do pause and re-watch as needed. And don’t be discouraged if the end result is a bit lop-sided – the aim is to have the foundation ring you started with in the middle, and 4 distinct holes around it. Anything better is a bonus but entirely optional :)

6 thoughts on “Crochet Tutorial: Granny Square Round 1

  1. Lorna,

    I have been trying to teach myself how to crochet for a few days now with little success!! Now I have found you videos, I can crochet! They are extremly useful and easy to follow. Thank you so much.


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