The Wool Shop, Leeds

There’s been a wool shop on Tong Road in Leeds for years, and its always been pretty good. Last year I heard it was closing, the lady who ran it was retiring. To cut a very long story short, it hasn’t closed!!

I’ve been in to inspect and its had a real clean-up, new paint, carpet, better lighting – but its got the same good choice of wools and vast quantities of things being produced from the back room :) Its the same “go and ask at the counter” format but the new owners are nice and enthusiastic and quickly becoming experienced knitters themselves. I dropped in for something and was there for easily 20 minutes! The details are:

The Wool Shop
Whingate Junction
Tong Road
LS12 4NQ

Tel: 0113 263 8383

Its on the main bus route, and is easy to park.

Opening hours:
10:30am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday – but they run another mail order business from the premises and are often there much later on, so give them a ring if you want to pop in after 5pm.

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