Data Migration Article on DevZone

I’m pleased to announce that DevZone have published an article of mine – the examples article I wrote to accompany my recent podcast on the topic of importing and migrating data. It has some code examples which I think make a good illustration of the points I was trying to make waving my hands around doing a podcast, hope you like it.

2 thoughts on “Data Migration Article on DevZone

  1. Looking good, although check out what appeared on my feed reader from :

    “The Zend Developer Zone has a new article that supplements a podcast from the PHP Abstract series recently given by Lorna Mitchell on “Data Importing”.

    His example converts employee information over from one table to another via some SQL queries and splits out the information into the parts to fill the table (done with inserts and updates).”

    Goes back to what we were saying the other night about people’s perceptions and assumptions.

  2. Hehe, that’s happened because initially it wasn’t published under my name … daft though because the guy at knows perfectly we’ll I’m a “she” and not a “he”! Wait til I get my hands on him, these assumptions drive me mad and I assume turn off other women as well.

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