Baby Courgette Plants

Recently my friend Deb, Leeds Geekup organiser and Ruby developer, gave me two baby courgette plants … she even went so far to photograph me, slightly tipsy, leaving the pub to get the bus home:

I did get the plants home intact and planted them out. I was going to post a whole garden post as I have a few other things also to plant, but I’ve been elsewhere all week and now its raining rather a lot, so I’m blogging instead. Here’s the courgette plants in their new home:

Waiting for my attention are some sweet peas given to me by Great Uncle Sid and some training lobelia I bought yesterday to try to improve the view from my new kitchen window … more about those another day.

5 thoughts on “Baby Courgette Plants

  1. Is that ‘training’ or ‘trailing’ lobelia? Quite frankly training lobelia sounds more my style of gardening!

  2. Great to see the courgette plants in their new home, I was wondering how they were doing. Hope they behave and don’t take over your garden too much :)

    Sorry I missed you at OpenCoffee this month, have been super snowed under but hopefully see you soon. If you ever pass by Otley again, let me know!

  3. Deb: well I ought to be in Otley pretty regularly since my not-brother- and sister-in-law live there, that’s El, who commented above! Pretty crazy with travel at the moment but I’m sure I’ll catch up with you sometime soon, maybe in Otley for a change.

    Deb meet El, El meet Deb :)

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