Fetching Fingerless Mitts (again)

Last year I made these lovely fingerless mittens from a pattern called “fetching” on the knitty.com site.

I’ve made some more! After a trip to Farfield Mill in September I bought one skein of lovely local-made wool. I adapted the fetching pattern, adding extra cable repeats at the cuff, elongating the middle section of the glove, and replacing the thumb with a vertical slit which is achieved by knitting the circular knitting straight for 8 rows just before the final cables. Here’s the result:

And a little closeup on the cables, as I’m very proud of how these gloves have turned out (apart from the interesting ‘S’ shape I achieved when I did one of the cables in the wrong direction and didn’t realise until I was almost finished the glove! We call that “a feature”)

6 thoughts on “Fetching Fingerless Mitts (again)

  1. My theories:

    – Kevin’s taking the pics
    – You’re holding the camera in your mouth
    – You have the camera on timer and it’s on a shelf
    – You have a brain link to your camera

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