European Adventure

For once it’ll probably be pretty quiet around here next week. That’s because I’m catching a ludicrously early plane to Amsterdam in the morning to spend a couple of days in the Ibuildings Vlissingen office, and then flying direct to London to work there the rest of the week.

There are going to be a lot of firsts, I don’t fly a lot and haven’t flown outside the UK alone before – so flying through both Schipol and Heathrow in the space of a few days is going to be probably a bit scary! I don’t visit London much either (haven’t been for almost a year in fact) but I have an Oyster card and an underground map to assist me. I’m also delivering training for Ibuildings which is a new career step for me but one that I’m very excited about (as well as hyperventilation-inducingly anxious) so all in all its going to be a pretty exciting week! I’m also getting to meet colleagues from both offices and practice my dutch for real :)

(Of course, there will be lots of blog action if I find myself at a loose end and with internet connection!)

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