Flickr Plugin Weirdness

I am an increasingly avid flickr user and have a growing collection of photos on my flickr account. It seems daft to upload photos twice all the time so I tried the flickr plugin for serendipity (my bloggling platform) but I couldn’t get my account to connect correctly. In the box labelled “flickr username” I added my flickr username, “lornajane”, which appears in my photos URL. However the plugin seemed to think my photos should then be at a URL:

which they obviously weren’t. I played around with this for a while, also trying my yahoo user id and getting nowhere.

Eventually I tried another flickr plugin on another site and got identical behaviour – at which point I logged a support ticket with Flickr to ask what I was doing wrong. It turns out that “username” in this case means this label here:

Never noticed that before, and its certainly not how I refer to myself, so I’m a bit confused – but hey my plugin is working! I hope this helps someone (probably me, next time I try to plug flickr in to something else) confused by flickr seeming to think you have the wrong username!

2 thoughts on “Flickr Plugin Weirdness

  1. If I’m not mistaken, you can configure that in the settings of your flickr account, can’t you?

    The wordpress plugin I use was more verbose, it told me to go to this url: to find out the id it wanted.

  2. Ivo: you are quite right, the problem is that “lornajane” is already taken as a screen name (so why can I have it in my URL? Strange) so I had to choose something else and I never thought about it again!

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