Leeds Girl Geek Dinner – December 3rd

Announcing the second girlgeek dinner in Leeds! The event will be Wednesday 3rd December, at The Loft Leeds and tickets are available now, priced at £15. Monica Tailor from Kilo75 will be speaking at the event, and it will have quite a Christmassy feel.

The rules of the girl geek dinners is that any geeky girls can go – and not just tapping-into-a-black-screen-in-a-darkened-room geek girls, there is no minimum requirement! Guys are also welcome but they must be there as the invited guest of one of the geeks. I’m open to persuasion if anyone would like to attend as my guest – and for the girls, I’ll see you there :)

4 thoughts on “Leeds Girl Geek Dinner – December 3rd

  1. Imran: So long as one of us knows what’s happening :) Sorry about deleting your comment – are you coming to the girl geek dinner? If you do can you only take flattering photos of me this time please!!

  2. For sure, I’ll be there – I’m helping to organise it!

    You looked fine in the photos! Sadly, I’ve downgraded to an iPhone camera, so the pics might be worse this time ;)

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