Leeds GirlGeek Dinner 27th May 2009

I’m delighted to hear that the date has been set for the next Leeds GirlGeek Dinner – Wednesday May 27th 2009! I’ve been really enjoying this series of events and always meet some really interesting ladies when I attend these events. The idea is to get geek girls together for some talks (and there have been some really good ones in Leeds), some food, some drinks and some networking – men are allowed but only as the invited guest of one of the girlgeeks. This enables us to keep the balance and actually makes for a brilliant atmosphere. Its not often the men in the room are horribly outnumbered :)

This month we have Reshma Sohoni from SeedCamp and Jennifer O’Grady from Democracy PR – and I can’t wait to hear both these women speak and hear their stories. The details are all on the website but in short the event starts at 6pm, its at The Loft Leeds, and I hope I’ll see you there!

Girl Geek Dinner Next Week

I’m getting quite excited now about the next Leeds Girl Geek Dinner which is next Wednesday (3rd December 2008). Got some cool speakers by the look of it – I know Monica (and she is fab) and from Katie’s bio we are in for a treat. Also I have been promised there is more food this time (hot and christmassy food …. yum) so count me in.

I often get asked why we don’t allow men at these events – well of course we do. Men can attend but only when they are invited by one of the attending girl geeks (maximum one man each please, ladies!) – meaning we can have men who are likely to contribute to the event but not be invaded if we don’t want to be. If you’re a guy and looking to go, find a girl geek and ask nicely :)

I’ll definitely be at this event – I look forward to seeing some others. I had a great time last time – so go and buy a ticket (cheap night out at £15!) and I’ll see you there!

Leeds Girl Geek Dinner – December 3rd

Announcing the second girlgeek dinner in Leeds! The event will be Wednesday 3rd December, at The Loft Leeds and tickets are available now, priced at £15. Monica Tailor from Kilo75 will be speaking at the event, and it will have quite a Christmassy feel.

The rules of the girl geek dinners is that any geeky girls can go – and not just tapping-into-a-black-screen-in-a-darkened-room geek girls, there is no minimum requirement! Guys are also welcome but they must be there as the invited guest of one of the geeks. I’m open to persuasion if anyone would like to attend as my guest – and for the girls, I’ll see you there :)

Professional Development for Girl Geeks

Last night I gave a talk at the Leeds Girl Geek Dinners entitled “Professional Development for Girl Geeks” – and you can find the slides on slideshare if you’re interested.

Most of what I said wasn’t on the slides, but the gist of it was along the lines of:

  • Use the resources around you
  • People can be resources
  • Interact with resources
  • Ask Questions – do it well and ask each question once

I had a great night and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did – and if you were there, are you asking questions yet?

Announcing the Leeds Girl Geek Dinner

Once upon a time there was a girl geek called Sarah Blow, and she wanted to hang out with her girl friends and geek out at the same time (and who wouldn’t?). So she founded the phenomenon of the Girl Geek Dinner in London. Well this great idea has spread and spread around the world and eventually to the North of England – first to Manchester (next event, this Friday 25th July!) and eventually to Leeds.

So I’m pleased to announce that, on Wednesday 13th August there will be the first Leeds Girl Geek Dinner!! Tickets are £10 and if you needed any further encouragement, I’m one of the speakers for the evening. If you’re going, or have any questions, leave a comment below – and I’ll see you there!