Girl Geek Dinner Next Week

I’m getting quite excited now about the next Leeds Girl Geek Dinner which is next Wednesday (3rd December 2008). Got some cool speakers by the look of it – I know Monica (and she is fab) and from Katie’s bio we are in for a treat. Also I have been promised there is more food this time (hot and christmassy food …. yum) so count me in.

I often get asked why we don’t allow men at these events – well of course we do. Men can attend but only when they are invited by one of the attending girl geeks (maximum one man each please, ladies!) – meaning we can have men who are likely to contribute to the event but not be invaded if we don’t want to be. If you’re a guy and looking to go, find a girl geek and ask nicely :)

I’ll definitely be at this event – I look forward to seeing some others. I had a great time last time – so go and buy a ticket (cheap night out at £15!) and I’ll see you there!

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