Announcing the Leeds Girl Geek Dinner

Once upon a time there was a girl geek called Sarah Blow, and she wanted to hang out with her girl friends and geek out at the same time (and who wouldn’t?). So she founded the phenomenon of the Girl Geek Dinner in London. Well this great idea has spread and spread around the world and eventually to the North of England – first to Manchester (next event, this Friday 25th July!) and eventually to Leeds.

So I’m pleased to announce that, on Wednesday 13th August there will be the first Leeds Girl Geek Dinner!! Tickets are £10 and if you needed any further encouragement, I’m one of the speakers for the evening. If you’re going, or have any questions, leave a comment below – and I’ll see you there!

2 thoughts on “Announcing the Leeds Girl Geek Dinner

  1. I think guys are allowed with an invite from a Girl Geek for the Manchester dinner although I’m pushing for a man-creche instead for the Leeds event :)

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