LugRadioLive Wolverhampton 2008

Yesterday I had an outing to the LUGRadio Live event in Wolverhampton. To be honest this isn’t my usual kind of crowd but it was local, the talks looked interesting and so off I went.

Well it was a very interesting day – the highlight was of course meeting Emma from – I enjoyed her talk and also her company for both lunch and dinner. Predictably there was an excellent crowd and I had a wonderful time – a few people were there from WYLUG and I had a really good chat with Robert Collins from Canonical, nominally about bzr but in reality we also put the world to rights which was illuminating and good fun. Here’s me and Emma having dinner:

I met a few IRC friends too, some I knew before, some I was hoping to run into and one who stopped me (in my phpwomen shirt) and went “oh, you’re the UK girl from phpwomen …. lornajane!!” which was very cool :) I was also impressed by the “low tech wiki” and “low tech open streetmap” … large pieces of paper and pens.

I also met Dave and Kat from Pale Purple and had a good long chat with them so all in all it was well worth the trip (there are a few more photos in the flickr set if you’re interested). Well done to the organisers for a great event!!

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