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I’m attending LUGRadio Live UK this weekend, in sunny Wolverhampton! I’m slightly concerned that this might be too geeky for me and I might be scared but there are people I’d like to meet, the talks look interesting, and I can imagine it will be a pretty good crowd. If you are there, please come and say hi to me – I’m very easy to spot because I am tall and female with curly hair, usually a rare combination at any technical gathering :)

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  1. Of all the things in tech to be afraid of LRL is not one of them! My partner is the shyest woman I have ever met and she felt right at home last year and literally cannot wait this year! It’s not too geeky for anyone in the community it’s got something for everyone regardless of how geeky you perceive yourself! It’s all amount meeting other like minded individuals and having a great time with the community:)

    Oh and you would be surprised at how un-rare women happened to be last year it was great to see a healthy mix of both sexes.

    Say hi if you see us around at LRL (big, tall and bald and short and red haired :) )

    Enjoy the weekend

  2. Oh.. that is just so funny… you going to good old Wolves (imagine me saying that with my accent)…

    Anyways, sounds like a good event. Have fun and say hello to Wolverhampton for me. If you need any (bit outdated) advice for pubs/restaurants/clubs, let me know.

  3. bytey: Thanks for dropping by and leaving a message here – I will certainly look out for you both.

    Juliette: I actually haven’t been to Wolverhampton before so it’s all new to me!

  4. bytey: I didn’t find you!

    David: I am actually pretty glad I missed seeing that to be honest, the bzr talk was a much better alternative. Really good chatting with you about the phpnw conf, I will certainly stay in touch :)

  5. Hello,

    Glad to hear you enjoyed your first LRL and hopefully not the last. I did see and Emma deep in conversation outside the lockworks on Saturday so I didn’t want to interrupt:) I’ll say hi if I see you about at the Geekups:)

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