Leeds GirlGeek Dinner 27th May 2009

I’m delighted to hear that the date has been set for the next Leeds GirlGeek Dinner – Wednesday May 27th 2009! I’ve been really enjoying this series of events and always meet some really interesting ladies when I attend these events. The idea is to get geek girls together for some talks (and there have been some really good ones in Leeds), some food, some drinks and some networking – men are allowed but only as the invited guest of one of the girlgeeks. This enables us to keep the balance and actually makes for a brilliant atmosphere. Its not often the men in the room are horribly outnumbered :)

This month we have Reshma Sohoni from SeedCamp and Jennifer O’Grady from Democracy PR – and I can’t wait to hear both these women speak and hear their stories. The details are all on the website but in short the event starts at 6pm, its at The Loft Leeds, and I hope I’ll see you there!

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