Professional Development for Girl Geeks

Last night I gave a talk at the Leeds Girl Geek Dinners entitled “Professional Development for Girl Geeks” – and you can find the slides on slideshare if you’re interested.

Most of what I said wasn’t on the slides, but the gist of it was along the lines of:

  • Use the resources around you
  • People can be resources
  • Interact with resources
  • Ask Questions – do it well and ask each question once

I had a great night and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did – and if you were there, are you asking questions yet?

4 thoughts on “Professional Development for Girl Geeks

  1. Great presentation last night. I really enjoyed your talk. I am just starting out to program again – been in IT for years but haven’t programmed since Uni.

  2. Yes, great “speech” – been meaning to send a thank you message all day. Excellent content and really made me re-think everyone around me as a source of useful information!!

    It was great to see your energy and enthusiasm.

    Really like your posh personalised camera case – my camera had a sock for a while (!) when I got overally excited and lost mine en route (‘nuf said).

  3. Hawkhill: Glad you enjoyed it – and good luck with the programming, hope to see you at the next event too!

    Caius: Yay! Asking and answering are definitely the way forward :)

    Issy: Thanks for dropping in and I’m glad you like the camera case. Have fun on your hunt for new people to ask things of …

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