Speaking at “Beauty and the Geek”

I’m giving a talk next week in a Beauty Salon. Yes, really :) There is an event entitled “Beauty and the Geek” at Heaven Spa in Didsbury – details on their blog – and the event is on 26th November. It sounds like a fun mix of beauty techniques (mouse-finger massage, anyone?) plus a talk by yours truly … although I need to a) figure out how to give a talk with no projector and b) live up to my reputation as “influential blogger” – if you’re going, then let me know and I’ll see you there!

3 thoughts on “Speaking at “Beauty and the Geek”

  1. Hi Lorna,

    I had really hoped to come and support you at this event, unfortunatly this morning I find that I have been double booked (unknown to me!)and now I need to attend the Northern Startup 2.0 event in central Manchester. I am sure both events will be very worthwhile, but I am sad not to have been available to attend Beauty and the Geek.

    If there are future events I would love to hear about them and hopefully ensure I can attend next time :-)

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