TV Aerial Arrives

I’m proud to announce that as of last week (Tuesday, to be precise) we are now the proud owners of a TV aerial and now have TV signal to the house. You can tell how much we enjoy the telly by the swiftness with which we had this done … only 8 month and 4 days after buying the house!

I should point out that the TV signal doesn’t actually reach the TV because we’re deccorating and the TV is in the other room, but its progress. We had a second TV point put in to the office so the webserver can record stuff for us, so we can now watch things over the network. I can’t see when we’re going to have time to watch any of it but the recordings are there, just in case. I know a lot of people have thought it strange we didn’t miss the TV, surely we can’t be the only people who don’t watch the thing?

4 thoughts on “TV Aerial Arrives

  1. I didn’t say how much I thought I would watch … be good to have TV for the olympics this summer but I can’t think of any other likely occasions I’ll be watching.

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