DPC – Dutch PHP Conference June 2009

I keep getting asked about the Dutch PHP Conference so here’s a quick outline about the event.

The conference is in Amsterdam, on 11th to 13th June 2009. Thursday 11th is the tutorial day, Friday and Saturday are the main conference days. The schedule is entirely in English and it looks excellent to the point that I am wondering how I can clone myself to see multiple sessions. http://www.phpconference.nl/schedule/ – don’t think I’ll be seeing much of the hallway track at this one.

Since this event is organised by my employers, Ibuildings, I get to attend, which I’m very pleased about – and I’ll also get to meet up with all my colleagues which is always great fun. The phpwomen will also be in evidence. The speakers list includes people from all over Europe and also North America which is nice, there will be some crossover between existing geographical communities which is always good for swapping ideas (and conference anecdotes of course). Its a varied linedup of talks but its all pretty advanced, so I’m looking forward to learning a lot even though I’ve already attended quite a few PHP conferences.

I notice the early bird pricing is valid through to 30th April so if you are thinking of coming along then its worth making your plans sooner rather than later – its very easy to get to from pretty much all of Europe so no excuses! Hope to see some of you there, do come and say hi :)

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