Cardboard Laptop Stand

Today my Cardboard Laptop Stand arrived!! I saw a prototype of this a few months ago, and thought it was cool. Well, the company is run my some friends of mine and they’ve just launched at a time where I’m doing a lot of working from asssorted other places with my laptop – so I decided I definitely need one.

At the moment I have a Kensington laptop stand. Its great, does the trick folds flat and I take it with me if I’m working elsewhere, and use it on my desk when I’m here. But it weighs 688g:

thinkpad on kensington stand kensington stand: 688g

I have a backpack for my laptop (I had a shoulder bag for about a week but I ended up with my whole skeleton mis-aligned), which I use when I’m travelling and in London that means a lot of walking and usually in heels – so weight is a real issue for these trips. I really like my back the way it is – healthy! I weighed the cardboard one for comparison, and tried my laptop on it.

cardboard stand: 83g thinkpad on cardboard stand

No contest, certainly for when I’m on the road :) OK so it will probably go soft or get wet or something, but for £7.50, I think I can probably afford to replace it. All I need now is some decoration … stickers, perhaps?

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