House Update

I haven’t blogged about the house for a while, and since we had to tidy up at the weekend for my grandparents’ visit, I thought a tidy house was a good time to take a few photos. When we first moved in, I blogged a lot about the house, and frankly it was a bit of a state! Most of the photos were along the lines of:

Its not (such) a disaster now, so I thought I’d share a few more up-to-date pictures.

Firstly: the living room. When I said I painted my living room turquoise, I wasn’t exaggerating!
Living Room Mantlepiece

Dining room: This room hasn’t had a lot done to it but we have bright red curtains and tablecloth, brings warmth to the room. The piano is in here too.
Dining Room Mantlepiece

Our Bedroom. Just realised I’m choosing all the mantlepiece pictures – that’s because in this case I love the original tiles, the mirror, and my fairy lights!
Bedroom Mantlepiece

We also redecorated the spare room (well, actually mum did all the wallpapering, but the preparation took months!)
Spare Room

There’s still a lot to do, although mostly we’ve at least plastered up some of the holes!

(more pictures on my flickr set if you are interested, I figured this was enough for one post)

Next up: we’ve got plans for a patio :) I think I’m starting to realise that a house project is never really finished …

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