PHPNW Test Fest Event – May 9th 2009

The PHPNW user group are taking part in this year’s PHP Test Fest. Our event will be on 9th May – you can sign up to attend (limited places so do let us know) on the upcoming page for this event:

The idea behind Test Fest is twofold: firstly, to give an approachable way for PHP developers to contribute back to the core – we’ll learn how to write tests on the day and can continue to do so after the event of course! Secondly, PHP itself gets better tests, and the language itself gets better. All in all, I can’t see a reason not to do it!

There are events right around the world so if you can’t be in Manchester then take a look around and see if there is something nearer to you that you could be involved in. Northen people – I’ll see you there :)

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