techPortal – new PHP developer resource

There is a new resource for PHP developers available from today – techPortal from Ibuildings. First, I must add the disclaimer – Ibuildings are my employers, so I’ve known about this project for a while. I helped set up the site and the first tech article on there is mine. With those aside though, this site is going to be a really valuable resource – with content on advanced topics mostly written by my colleagues. Ibuildings employs some pretty accomplished people and has a steady stream of interesting projects, I get to chat over these things when I see the guys (and girls) in the bar; it’ll be great to have it written down and shareable.

The “share” aspect of techPortal is really key – we have all learned a lot from other people publishing and sharing their knowledge, and this is a central point for all our developers to contribute in the same way. I’m also very excited on a personal level since I’m already published on the site! My article Getting Started with Memcached is my first contribution to this new venture and I’m looking forward to seeing what else will follow :)

(I should point out that the article is now a few weeks old and doesn’t include anything about the new memcached extension recently released by Andrei Zmievski. Perhaps there could be a sequel … )

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