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Since I started using Linux on the desktop, I’ve always used katapult to launch applications. However I have another machine that doesn’t have katapult and (since I don’t use a mouse) I’ve always used Alt+F2 to launch appilcations on there. Well, since installing Kubuntu Hardy Heron I notice it (it = KDE4 I think) has a funky new launcher thing that appears when you press Alt+F2:

As you start typing, it autocompletes and shows the icons of possible matches below – then you can click (or tab and arrow) to them, or keep typing until only the one you want remains. Very cute!

2 thoughts on “Ubuntu Launching Apps

  1. Ubuntu (with GNOME) has a similar launcher, but it’s not installed by default. You can install that via the gnome-do package. Also allows you to search files on the filesystem, among other things.

  2. Matthew: Thanks for that addition! I think the KDE one does cleverer things too but I don’t use those features – good tip about it not being installed by default, I don’t think I’d have found that otherwise

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