Garage Clearance

When we bought this house, three years ago, we also bought the contents of it, which did bring us some nice furniture but also brought a staggering amount of junk. While the house has slowly emerged from the chaos, the garage has remained basically full, including a jacuzzi bath, more furniture, filing cabinets, and who knows what else. Repeated trips to the tip seemed to be making little impact and we had some of the old bits of wood out of the house which are too big for the car. This problem has been bothering us for ages, but last week we solved it! Kevin rang up who are local and will sort through the contents and recycle whatever they can before disposing of the rest in a responsible way. They were friendly, efficient, and not at all expensive – within a few hours we had a totally empty garage, very impressive!

They do house clearances and were even able to take the old gas bottles out of the garage, I was happy to know they would recycle stuff, and they just brought a truck and loaded it all up themselves, I only stopped working long enough to sign the paperwork and write the cheque :)

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