Keynoting at PHPNW10

I’m slightly surprised but mostly wildly excited to announce that I’ll be the keynote speaker at the PHP North West Conference in October. It is held in Manchester in the UK, which is about an hour from where I live in Leeds, so it is definitely my “home” conference, and this makes me even more excited since I know I’ll be in such great company!

The talk is Teach A Man To Fish: Coaching Development Teams and really it’s about how a little investment of time or effort can build your existing team into something better – and how that team can then sustain its improvements and continue to raise its performance and the game of the individual team members. All in all I am pretty excited about this talk – as with most of my conference talks, it started life as a rant in a bar, and I’m now excited to be preparing it for a more formal setting!

The event itself is a must-see for anyone doing PHP or allied technologies that can get there (Manchester is pretty central and pretty cheap – if you’re in the UK, you have no excuses!). It’s a Saturday event, 9th October 2010 and tickets are on sale – the Early Bird prices are still available and we’ve held the prices as low as possible again, we don’t need frills, we just want lots of people to be able to join in! I hope to see quite a few of you there, let me know if you’re coming :)

6 thoughts on “Keynoting at PHPNW10

  1. Congratulations Lorna. Sounds like a really interesting talk, too bad i can’t be there in Manchester. Hopefully next year.

  2. PHPNW is looking to be one hell of a conferance, is anything planned for those of us not lucky enough to be able to attend to get the talks? (Thinking streaming/notes)



  3. Thanks everyone for the positive responses, I’m a little intimidated but still more excited than anything!
    David: we publish video of our sessions – not live but hopefully it’s something for those who can’t be there

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