PHPNW10: Teach a Man to Fish

Last weekend I gave a talk at PHPNW10 in Manchester, entitled “Teach a Man to Fish”. This is a keynote about teams and how to use the resources around you to create a team where individuals and the whole team continues to learn and develop. The slides are not very detailed, but I’ll be blogging some of the items I mentioned (requests welcome, if you saw it and would like to see any of it written down then just leave me a comment!). Slides:

3 thoughts on “PHPNW10: Teach a Man to Fish

  1. nice, I got a lot out of this.. and I wasn’t even there on the day. Look forward to learning more in the blog posts.


  2. I’ve seen Lorna speak for quite a few years now; and lots of things have changed since her first talk. Instead of an incredible nervous talk with off-timed joke and vibrations in her voice, Lorna delivered this talk like she’s been doing this professionally for years. This keynote had great delivery and showed a lot of confidence. Awesome!

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