Announcing Training Dates for November

I’m teaching some new public courses next month (in Leeds), so I thought I’d mention them on the blog in case anyone is interested. I’m super-excited because this is the first time I’ve delivered my own training content as a public course, so even if you aren’t in the position where you work with lots of people who need the same training, you can pop along!

OOP and Design Patterns

A one-day course aimed at those with PHP OOP experience and looking to do more with it. We’ll recap on some of the advanced OOP concepts (including what all the big words mean, none of them mean anything complicated!) and then go on to look at practical uses of OOP. The second part of this session introduces Design Patterns, covers some common ones, and then gives the opportunity to build them in a workshop setting.

Databases and PHP

Another one-day course aimed at people with some experience, but looking to build on that. We’ll cover database design theory and spend some time looking at optimisation and using EXPLAIN in MySQL. We’ll also cover use of PDO in PHP applications; this unsung hero of PHP is a great library and well worth being familiar with!

More information on the Course Dates page – if you have any thoughts or questions (or course requests!), leave me a comment!

2 thoughts on “Announcing Training Dates for November

  1. I live in India. How could I become a part of your training courses?
    I wish to learn OO PHP.
    If its not possible, could you guide me to a good resource?

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